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Development Services
SunIT Tech provides a comprehensive range of services for companies that are implementing and innovating recent and cutting edge technologies. With a strong background in the software industry SunIT Tech has developed a unique portfolio of service offerings designed to meet the dynamic needs of a variety of technology customers.
Resourcing Services : At SunIT Tech, we have are proud to have a customer centric teams with specialization in various technologies. We have well mature processes of identifying and strategically developing resources for client requirements. Application development requires constant client interaction and complete understanding of the user domain to provide right computing solution. We helped a number of clients in developing applications for their specific business needs. Our consultants spend time educating the clients to participate and understand the client's domain to develop an efficient system that meets the entire client's business process requirements. Over the years we developed invaluable experience in developing data driven, real time, multi-tiered applications interfacing with different databases, third party application tools and legacy systems.
Bluetooth Interoperability Testing (BT-IOT): In its association with NextGen, SunIT Tech provides a service of testing and verifying the operation of cellular phones with the continuously growing range of in-car systems and accessories using the Bluetooth® (BT) networking standard. It is anticipated that during 2006 over 30% of the 165 million cellular phones sold in Western Europe will be BT, with a corresponding growth in the number of accessories to using the BT standard.
Development Solutions with onsite and off-shoring models: The success of any project lies in comprehensive problem or process analysis and design, cohesive implementation team and good project management. We at SunIT Tech give highest importance to systems' development with a process in mind right from the beginning to deployment following religiously all project development cycles. Our consultants spend time to understand client's complete requirements and develop systems using time-tested methodologies. Experienced project managers ensure that the process is right and maintained through out the system execution.
Back office processing: Growing businesses struggle with the over head of administrative processes. At SunIT Tech, we aim to provide you customized solutions that can enable you to reliably outsource administrative tasks while staying focused on the core competencies of your business. An incomplete list of some of the tasks that we undertake are timesheets processing, collections.
Data Warehouse and Reporting Services
Our Consulting Services team provides comprehensive Data Warehouse and Reporting services using a structured methodology, maximizing customer satisfaction and minimizing maintenance effort. Our trained and certified consultants provide functional expertise with technology leadership. Our consultants can help you design, develop and maintain world-class information solutions that address a wide array of business requirements in accelerated fashion.
SunIT Tech has many years experience in building and maintaining Data Warehouses for clients and presenting data through powerful reporting. These cater to small, mid-size and large enterprise reporting requirements. SunIT Tech can help clients implement enterprise solutions based on Data Warehouse and reporting tools that can connect to different database repositories like Oracle, Microsoft and MySQL.
Our DW and Reporting services include:
oProject planning, organization and management
oWorking with the business to gather business requirements, create data models based on these requirements and designing BI functionality to meet these needs
oDesigning and implementing DW and BI architecture
oDesigning data models and databases to implement these models
Integrating data from other applications such as CRM, SCM, ERP, and Web
oSelection and use of Extract, Transform & Load (ETL) tools to populate the necessary databases
oSelection and use of Business Intelligence (BI) & On-Line Analytical Processing (OLAP)
otools to provide the necessary business functionality and reporting
oBuild reports which can be accessed from within the application, wherein data can be pulled in from the server. Flexibility comes from export options to various formats like PDF, Excel, Word, Access, XML, CSV, and HTML for easy sharing
Testing Services:
SunIT Tech's Software Testing Services leverage a standard methodology for establishing a total quality management program, as well as the tools and templates needed to quickly build the required capabilities. These Services were designed to be flexible enough to integrate with our clients' chosen development methods and to scale up or down based on their size and IT complexities.
Our Services provide adoption options enabling clients to choose and implement only parts of the testing framework while others choose to adopt a more robust approach. Our Services are modular enough to support all of these strategies.
SunIT Tech brings to our clients a proven testing approach that has been refined over many projects and programs in various IT competencies. Our approach is based on an iterative model with flexibility that has proven successful in several large, medium and small testing engagements; it focuses on the activities required to build and deploy key capabilities across the major threads of the subject IT processes, in this case testing.
SunIT Tech maintains a core competency with extensive experience and knowledge, which include:
Testing Execution and Delivery Competency
Requirements Engineering Competency
Testing Projects/Program Implementation Experience
Test Automation Tools Proficiency
Performance Testing Proficiency
Organizational Change Management Competency
SunIT Tech brings distinct advantages to our clients relative to building and deploying a test team. Here are some of the key reasons we are the right partner to assist you in this strategic initiative.
We have a robust history of success in the testing area across various domains. This ensures that our clients will not be a beta site for our tools and methods, but rather will reap the benefits of our many lessons learned, and be able to work with an experienced team of professionals who know how to drive success. Testing activity will not succeed just because your partner has a good set of tools and methodologies. We recognize that successful completion of testing is the key for successful projects which in turn help the organizations realize their plans of business transformations and corporate initiatives. As a result, we will focus not only on the technical competencies, but also on the change management and other disciplines that will be required to drive success. While our competitors may have expertise in a subset of the competencies required to successfully deliver a testing project, we are experts in all of them.
Our delivery model is flexible enough and allows clients to choose from various options individually or in combination. Below is a list of service offerings
Executive Assessment
Staff Augmentation
Functional (Manual) testers
Recuitment / Marketing
Employee Portal