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The six key characteristics that determine the effectiveness of an IT organization in support of New Product Development are:
Common and Integrated
Cost Effective
Scaleable and Flexible
Accessible and Available
With these six critical success factors in mind in the process of New Product Development and Product development support
This Solution Area provides a portfolio of support tools and services that accelerates the time to market by streamlining the Product Development process.
We offer new solutions as well as maintenance and user support in the following areas:
Business Intelligence Products.
ETL (Extract- Transform-Load) tools.
Custom Application Development Tools.
Customized Project Management Tools
Project Cost Control Systems
Quality Reporting and Warranty Analysis
Product and Process Data Management
Website Design
A strong Internet presence is now considered to be a critical component of an overall marketing strategy for a business. The design and layout of a website is just as important as the design of brochures and sales material. A poorly designed website can have a negative impact on the perception of the business and result in the loss of potential customers. Does your site have a powerful and long-lasting impact
Our Website Design team starts an engagement by working with your team to establish the requirements for the overall look and feel, functionality, and navigational structure of your new website
We understand that your website needs to reflect the uniqueness of your company, and that is why we provide several design options before proceeding with the development of the website. Once development of your new site is complete, SunIT Tech will thoroughly test the site prior to launching it.
The SunIT Tech Website Design team creates professional, High-Quality, good Looking and thought-provoking Web sites that stand out from your competition. Your website will be fully protected from hackers and viruses. The end result is a powerful Web site that is:
Easy to navigate
Quick to download
Accurately and creatively reflecting the mission of your company
Maximizing visitor traffic
Generating business
Building strong customer loyalty
IT Consulting
Our support contracts help small to medium size businesses stay focused on their core competency by providing them with a way to cost-effectively manage their computer infrastructure. Our support contract solutions deliver enterprise level IT services for a fraction of the cost.
Our services include:
24/7 network monitoring
24/7x4 emergency response for critical systems
Remote network management
World class help desk support
On site support
Our deliverables include:
Guaranteed Service Level Agreements
Monthly support evaluation meetings
Monthly performance trend reports
IT Solutions
SunIT Tech. Provides consulting services to organizations in advance of or after a compliance audit to resolve any IT related issues that need to be remediating. Many times this work is centered on documenting the processes and procedures that are in place or need to be in place. SunIT Tech Can work with your organization to review the specific audit requirements presented and put a plan in place to successfully comply with the auditors requests and Providing the below IT Solutions.
Experienced Professionals - Certified and experienced IT consultants and network engineers. Excellent Service - High quality, high touch service Expert Advice - Consultative approach from industry leaders in IT Management Exceptional Value - Flexible and customized support plans reduces costs Extraordinary Technology - Business Intelligence, ETL, Database Tools, Application Development Tools, Integrated monitoring, help desk, remote access and CRM systems
Design and Installation Services
Business Intelligence Certified Consulting
ETL Certified Consulting
Application Development Consulting
Database Support Certified Consulting.
Network Design & Performance Tuning
A Network Architect will design the network topology, network protocol and network architecture best suited to your organization based on your unique requirements. The design will provide for fault tolerance and redundancy (via clustering, mirroring or other techniques), so no data will be lost in the event of a network failure.
IT Assessments & Audits
Many small and mid-sized organizations can benefit significantly from an IT Assessment to improve staff productivity and reduce costs. An IT Assessment should be performed once every three years by an outside consultant to document the inventory of equipment, analyze the performance of the entire environment and make recommendations for improvements. SunIT TechInc offers a quick and efficient IT Assessment that covers comprehensive descriptions, analysis and recommendations on an organization's servers, workstations, printers, routers, switches, firewall, bandwidth, data center , IT management, data storage, security, critical applications, disaster recovery, networking and business considerations.
IT Outsourcing
With our current economic crisis, many medium-sized businesses are looking for ways to save money, but still require a solid IT infrastructure. SunIT Tech' IT Outsourcing service lowers costs while bringing peace of mind to the company. It allows the company to concentrate on their core competencies and business development tasks. A virtual CIO will help align your business goals with your IT environment. Our outsourcing service is ideal for medium-sized businesses that are downsizing, but would still like IT support from a group of certified IT professionals.
Designed for:
Companies who want to fully outsource their IT department support
Companies who prefer fixed costs no matter what time or disaster it is
Companies who benefit from many IT experts without having to pay for them all
Companies who want to consolidate their IT environment
Companies downsizing and can no longer budget for multiple IT personnel
A virtual Chief Information Officer, without the costs
Many user requests
Complex IT infrastructures